11 Plus Mock Music Tests

The aim of these tests is to simulate the ‘real’ experience of the Music Aptitude Test.

11 Plus Mock Music Tests for the South West Herts Consortium of Schools

The 11 Plus Mock Music Tests provide the opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the Music Aptitude Test in a formal setting with peers under exam conditions.

All our 11 Plus Mock Music Tests are online at present.

The Music Aptitude Test is reliant on a student’s listening skills and it is therefore imperative that they can focus and avoid distraction throughout in complete silence. This is reinforced in the Simulated Mock Music Test.

The 11 Plus Mock Music Test lasts up to 45 minutes with a maximum of 6 students per test session. A student can attend as many or as few Mock Music Tests as they wish in order to gain an insight into the ‘real’ thing.

The 11 Plus Music Workshops and Music Aptitude 1 to 1 Sessions further develop a student’s skills in particular areas that may be highlighted in the Simulated Mock Music Tests.

After completion of the test, detailed feedback can be provided upon request and is particularly helpful if further targeted practice is needed. The feedback is emailed within one to two working days after completion of the test.

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All 11 Plus Music Tests staff are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).