Parmiter’s School

Criterion 7 (Music Aptitude)

High Elms Lane, Garston, North Watford, Herts WD25 0UU

Allocation Day Information 2024

Thank you for visiting our Parmiter’s School Music Aptitude Test page. This information provides a benchmark only to inform your decision about an application to a school within the SW Herts Schools Consortium. The lowest scores to gain the offer of a place following the practical assessment, or “audition” (the second test) in each year are as follows:

We are now preparing students for the 2024 Music Aptitude Test.

Musical aptitude places available: 20

Entry in year202420232022
Music Aptitude Test first round pass mark444446
Priority postcodes to receive an offer (lowest 2nd stage performance assessment score)424040
Traditional area (outside priority area) to receive an offer454545

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We offer 11 Plus Mock Music Tests11 Plus Music Workshops, Music Aptitude 1 to 1 Sessions and MAT Practice audio downloads for students wishing to apply to Parmiter’s School under the music criterion.

Music Aptitude Tests audio download practice tests for the English secondary school transfers

For more information on our Music Aptitude Practice Tests please visit our sister site Our MAT Practice Tests are professionally recorded digital audio downloads and can be purchased as individual tests or multi packs. Each audio file comes with a separate question and answer sheet.

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