What is the Music Aptitude Test?

The Music Aptitude Test is designed to measure a student’s aptitude in music. It forms part of the 11 plus secondary transfer process for the South West Herts Consortium of Schools and selective schools throughout the UK that use the music criterion as part of their admissions process.

11 Plus Music Tests, Watford, Herts – for the South West Herts Consortium of Schools

The Music Aptitude Test is used to give an indication of a student’s musical aptitude and is not a test of musical ability. It consists of 60 multiple choice questions on the following areas of musical awareness: PITCH, MELODY, RHYTHM & TEXTURE. Each year up to 10% of places for entry into year 7 can be allocated under the music criterion. The tests are for all students with or without musical experience and does not require any previous knowledge of music, or music theory, there is no minimum grade requirement to apply. Please click here for further information on MAT Stages 1 & 2 and Stage 2 on the day info.

We are now preparing students for the Music Aptitude Test 2024

Music Aptitude Tests audio download practice tests for the English secondary school transfers

Music Aptitude Practice Tests

For further information on our Music Aptitude Practice Tests please visit our sister website musicaptitudetests.co.uk

SW Herts Music Aptitude 1 to 1 Sessions – 11 Plus Music Tests

Music Aptitude 1 to 1 Sessions

Please click here to view cut off scores for music places offered for the SW Herts Consortium of Schools 2024 including previous years, MAT Stage 1 & MAT Stage 2 and MAT Stage 2 Test: on the day information.

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