MAT Stage 2: on the day

Important information about your child’s Stage 2 Performance Test

  • You will be given time to warm up prior to your performance.
  • Your performance time must not be longer than 3 minutes.
  • There is no interview and your child will not be asked any questions.
  • You can take your sheet music in with you. The examiners will not require a copy or to have sight of the sheet music.
  • You cannot bring your own accompanist. If you wish a member of staff to accompany you, please bring the music sheets for them.
  • You may only play one piece of music. A medley (a composition made up of a series of songs or short pieces) is allowed as long as it is played as one continuous piece. Two separate pieces are not allowed.
  • If you require a non-electronic piano for your warm up, please make your request known to the clerks upon registration when you arrive otherwise an electronic piano will be offered.
  • If you would prefer to perform your test on an acoustic piano (non-electric with pedals), you must make your request known to the clerks upon arrival otherwise an electronic piano will be provided.

MAT Stage 2: the performance assessment

How do the examiners mark the performance?

  • The piece should be technically perfect and fluent throughout.
  • Accuracy 15 marks
  • To communicate the performance directions indicated in the piece ie. dynamics (loud & soft playing), dynamic variation (gradually getting louder & softer), articulation (accents, staccato & legato playing), phrasing etc.
  • Musical communication 15 marks
  • To play with lots of musical expression, (to put your natural feeling into the music ), as the performance needs to demonstrate the student’s natural musical aptitude.
  • Musicality 15 marks

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