11 Plus Music Test Workshop

3pm Saturday 19th March 2022


For those students who are new to the Secondary Transfer Music Aptitude Test, the 11 Plus Music Workshops provide a thorough familiarisation of all four parts of the Test with helpful hints, guidance and advice.

3 – 4pm

11 Plus Music Workshops are a helpful introduction to the 11 Plus Secondary Transfer Music Aptitude Test.


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The 11 Plus Music Workshops are also useful for those students who would like to develop their knowledge and skills in some, or all areas of the Music Aptitude Test with a strategic approach.

Students are encouraged to develop their listening skills in different ways in order to maximise their performance in all parts of the Musical Aptitude Test.

These smaller groups are particularly useful in further strengthening potential weak areas that may have been highlighted in previously attended Simulated Mock Music Tests, or for those students seeking further consolidation.

11 Plus Music Workshops occur on the third week of every month and a student can attend as many or as few Workshop Sessions as they wish.

All 11 Plus Music Workshops are online only.


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